Our volunteers

It takes a village! Although WelcomeHealth has two full-time and nine part-time staff members, it takes an army of volunteers to pull of our mission on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We have a village; we have an army. We have a list of approximately 50 professional volunteers and 25 lay volunteers who give their valuable time and expertise to make our clinic a success.


Volunteer Medical

Kim Agee, MD

Charles Ball, MD

John Baldridge, MD

Laureen Benafield, MD

George Benjamin, MD

Chris Carter, MD

David Crittenden, MD

Shari DeSilva, MD

Diego Espinoza, MD

Laurie Fisher, MD

Tim Grear, MD

David Jackson, MD

Sara McCord, NP

James Norys, MD

Kathleen Paulson, MD

Volunteer Dental

Catherine Akridge, DDS

Holly Bennett, DDS

Beth Bowen-Schrock, DDS

Terry Box, DDS

Angela Broomfield, DDS

Matt Camp, DDS

Frederick Deal, DDS

Stephen Fisher, DDS

Gary Guthrie, DDS

Albert Gray, X-Ray Tech

Kara Hardin, DDS

JB Hays, DDS (Oral Surgeon)

Chelsea Knox, DDS

Jack Pardo, DDS

Will Porter, DDS

Matt Reith, DDS

Kenton Ross, DMD

Thomas Sarna, DDS (Oral Surgeon)

Deanna Shannon, Hygeniest

Conner Silverstri, DDS

Eric Wood, DMD


Dina Atherton, RN

Jennifer Burch, RN

Kenleigh Johnson, RN

Nathalie Massie, LPN

Abigail Myers, RN

Beth Nay, RN

Alexis Walker, LPN


Don Curran, RPh

Denise Roark, Pharm.D.

Pharmacy Tech

Lynn Murry, Ph.D.

Physical Therapists

Don Austin, DPT

Diabetes / Nutrition Education

Donita Clark, RD

Ann Hornberger, RN

Mental Health / Counseling

Margaret Rutherford, Ph.D.


Michelle Ross, CPA

Dr. Jim Norys serves as the medical clinic director and Dr. Terry Box as the dental clinic director.

Both of these professionals not only have a combined 25+ years of experience volunteering at WelcomeHealth, but they also lend their expertise in equipment purchases, medical/dental procedures and staffing/policy suggestions.


Dr. JB Hays founded our dental clinic in 1988.

To this day, we can find him volunteering during our Thursday evenings extraction clinic. He is also been known to stop in to educate and visit with the students periodically. Everyone loves Dr. Hays, and many students attribute their success in dental school to him.


Volunteer medical and dental specialists offer their services at WelcomeHealth.

On the medical side, most are either scheduled once a month or as needed to assist with gynecology, pulmonology, dermatology, neurology, or mental health. On our dental side, we have oral surgeons along with other dentists and hygienists who assist during the evening extraction clinics. Prescription services are administered by pharmacists from Collier Drug Stores and Walgreens Pharmacy.


Pre-med and pre-dental students volunteer their time to gain experience before they apply for medical or dental school.

It is a great compliment when our student volunteers return as professionals to volunteer after they graduate from medical or dental school. We have several dentists and doctors who have done this over the years.


Besides medical related volunteers, we are always seeking individuals with marketing expertise, website and graphic design experience and event advisors.