Medical care

Patients who come here for routine care develop a relationship... they find it a very comfortable environment and can confide in their provider.
— Dr. James Norys, Volunteer Medical Director

We welcome you to a healthier lifestyle, which leads to a happier and more productive life.

If you cannot afford the premiums, deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses of your health insurance, you may be eligible to receive care at our clinic!

WelcomeHealth offers a broad choice of services:

Diabetes Education

Covers prevention, control and treatment of issues affecting diabetics, such as high/low blood sugar, diet and lifestyle adjustments.



Includes care for patients who have diseases or disorders related to the endocrine system.



Focuses on women’s health through testing, preventative care and treatment. 


Mental Health

Provides care for those suffering depression, acute stress, panic disorder and post traumatic stress, as well as other mental health issues. 



Supports the care for patients who need treatment for kidney diseases.



Treats patients with a broad range of disorders affecting the nervous system, such as disorders of the brain and spinal cord, muscles and peripheral nerves.


Nutrition Education

Encourages good health by eating better, with emphasis on proper nutrition.



Embraces children’s services with an emphasis on acute care, well check-ups and school and sports physicals.


Physical Therapy

Helps patients by reducing pain to improve and restore mobility. 


Primary Care

Incorporates overall health through wellness and prevention. 



Offers care for patients with diseases related to lungs and breathing, including asthma, lung cancer and emphysema.



Provides referrals to other physicians or specialists for follow-up care, when necessary.



WelcomeHealth has limited work-in openings for established medical patients with acute illnesses. These urgent care openings are offered Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 8:30am and 11:30am.

In order for us to serve you, you must meet our income guidelines. Please help us prepare for your visit by printing and filling out WelcomeHealth's Medical Services Application at the link below.