One-Time Donations

Give what you can and as often as you would like. Your support of any kind is appreciated. We use FirstGiving for its capacity to accept one-time (and monthly scheduled) donations. 

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What does your giving provide?

How is it spent? Here are some of the ways your generosity helps your neighbors in need.



pays for medical supplies for 5 patients.


pays for dental supplies for 5 patients.


pays for nutrition and diabetic education classes for 5 patients.



pays for gynecological exams for 5 patients.


pays for oral cancer screenings for 15 patients.


pays for a set of full dentures for 1 patient.



pays for 30 pediatric dental sealants.


pays for medical care for 50 patients.


pays for dental exams, dental hygiene cleanings and x-rays for 70 patients.

Special thanks to our current supporters

One-Time Donors:

Johnny and Susan Adkins

Kim and Janie Agee

Martha Agee

Altrusa of Fayetteville

Anonymous Foundation

Arkansas Community Foundation

Arvest Bank

John and Cynthia Baldridge

Woody and Sheri Bassett

Laureen Benafield

Robert and Roberta Billingsley

Steven and Ashley Blair

Blue and You Foundation

Jay and Karen Boston

George Bradley

Wayne Britt

Jon and Missy Brittenum

Debra Broyles

Davey and Beth Bryan

Wade Burnside

Charles and Brenda Bushong

Ayoola Carleton

Barbara Carter

Christopher Carter

Monty and Pam Casteel

Brandon and Laura Cate

Robert and Sara Caulk

Center for Collaborative Care

Buddy and Susan Chadick

Vince and Terri Chadick

Carter and Alicia Clark

Collier Drug Store

Carl Collier

Mel and Amie Collier

Fred and Kathi Crabtree

David and Marsha Crittenden

Derrick Bobbitt and Susan Averitt

Don DeWeese

Gareth and Cheryl Eck

Employees of JB Hunt

Shelli Engle

Dewayne and Jana Evensen

Bobby and Traci Farrah

Fayetteville City Hospital Auxiliary

First National Bank

Monika Fischer-Massie

Kevin and Mary Fitzpatrick

David and Jane Gearhart

Andre and Marci Gies

Bradley and Christy Gillespie

Katie Gilmore

Missy Gocio

Albert Gray

Robert and Robin Guadagniini

Stephen and Nicole Guenther

Anthony and Brittney Gulley

Martha Haguewood

Dereck and Annie Harrison

Leta Harrison

Ken and Cyndy Hatfield

John and Roxanne Hayes

JB and June Hays

Kipp and Mary Elizabeth Hearne

Peter and Margo Heinzelmann

Ken and Jeanne Helms

Morriss and Ann Henry

Jerry Herndon

Samantha Herrera

Philip and Wendy Hickey

Rawleigh and Patricia Hill

Don and Barbara Holt

Tracy and Celeste Hoskins

Gary and Linda Howard

Eldon and Nel Janzen

Dustie and Kristin Jenkins

Jim and Nancy Blair

Weldon and Ann Johnson

Gerald and Elizabeth Jordan

Josette Cline

Gerry Kelso

Hugh and Brenda Kincaid

Jeff and Sara Koenig

Priscilla Kumpe

Bettie Lu Lancaster

Terry and Jenny Lawson

Dan and Faith Lessner

Larry and Nancy Long

Carl and Laurie Malloy

David and Deborah Malone


Vicki Mashburn

Jason Mayes

Brian and Lisa Mollner

Roger Montgomery & Colene Gaston

John Moore

J. Whitney and Beverly Morgan

Lynn Murry

Martha Ellen Myers

Nadine Baum Charitable Foundation

Cynthia Nance

Brenna Neumann

Clark and Pam Nolan

Sarah Norys

David Owens

Trent and Kristine Palmer

Neal and Gina Pendergraft

William and Mary Ann Pickard

Mark and Corinne Power

Doug and Barbara Prichard

Randy and Ann Ratcliff

Razorback Dental Hygiene Dental Group

Elizabeth Reagan

Mark Reuter

Rick and Donna Roark

Rod and Denise Roark

Roman and Casey Roark

William and Joyce Roberts

Ananda Rosa

Bill and Georgia Ross

Kenton and Jennifer Ross

Ann Rosso

David Russell

Schmieding Foundation

Jane Scroggs

Sequoyah Kiwanis Club

Mary Alice Serafini

Deanna Shannon

Bob and Diane Shaw

Jessica Short

Lee and Julie Simpson

Bill and Shanda Sloan

David and Daphne Smith

Ellen Smith

Kim M. and Nancy Smith

Tim Snively and Cristi Beaumont

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

Derik and Jill Stanton

Scott and Cynthia Taylor

Larry and Beth Templeton

John Threet

Shirley Thurston

Jamey and Christie Tinnin

David and Juliette Toothaker

Kevin and Ruth Trainor

Underwood’s Jewelers

Michael and Brenda Wallner

Jason Watson

Brent and Miranda Weilert

Elizabeth Wheeler

Rolf and Ceri Wilkin

Bruce and Laura Wilkins

Jim and Suzanna Williams

Wayne and Blake Woolsey

John and Barbara Wikman